life is good, though not a bed of roses

talking about perspective… I had a personal revelation of what the word really applies in my life. Perspective… a set of thinking.. self-defined… probably due to experience, influences of what is around us… What we allow in our life, determines us.

Over the last month, I felt myself starting to appreciate and see things in a different light. I started to see the Cause behind every course that I was placed to take. I understood why bad things happened… and to constantly remind myself that I need to grow. 

I remember that I was in office one day.. Ivan dashed in and started to share about the revelation he had… He said that our thoughts are only are a certain level but God’s thoughts are always higher than our thoughts. If we can get out of our own thoughts (sometimes, very negative) and more towards what God thinks… We will be able to breakthrough. So true… My prayer today isnt just about breakthrough, growth, revival, providence… I started to pray “God, I want to be more like you.. Help me to see what You would see, feel what You would feel and think like how You would think… I do not want to be what I want to be… I am not my own god but You are”

Thoughts.. Perspective.. It is not hard to break the pattern of bad thoughts. It only takes 2 steps to get out of it. 1) Make a decision to keep your faith 2) Stick to that decision and never let go. Simple and sweet (:

Lastly, I really thank God for everything. I started to see His plan unfold for me so much more these few months… Its so powerful when you have understanding towards things. Last Saturday was my baptism. When I got out of the water, I decided in my heart that I will live a life of consistency… I am not a worker or slave… I am a child of God. God loves me :) I want to be like what a child would do.. Be faithful until death.. Be faithful to be a keeper.. A builder :) Thank you for my Pastors, my leaders and friends… In this with you together.

Dreams to Destination…

From Dreams to Destination!

1) Make a stand

make a stand on our inside, our convictions, our character and our thoughts.

2) Take center-field

Do not be a side-line experts. He needs no spectators

3) Defend

Flee from temptation. Defend the Godly things.

4) Slew

We cant just defend it, we need to slay some things that are detrimental to us in our lives.

Be an aggressive generation in doing His business.

5) Be weary for the right cause

6) Cliff to the Word of God

Be a person of the Word

7) We give our life, so that God can do something through us

to daddy

Yesterday was the 6th of Jan 2010. A year after Dad was gone…

He has always been a man with very little words. In fact, so little that we can go through a day not speaking to each other at all. Above and beyond that, i still know that he cared.

He has always been that pillar which I relied on. Each time Mom tries to cane me when i was disobedient, i would ran to Dad so that it will all stop. I started crying on his shoulders so much that i fell asleep and he would carry me back to my bed and tuck me to sleep.

Every night, whether i return home at usual 10pm or late 2am. He never fails to stay up to wait for me. A man with little gesture to show his way of love. I would ask if he stayed up for me but he rattered on to say he was catching a taiwanese show instead. Dang… he was falling asleep when i entered the house.

Well, though the lost left the 3 members in the family in dispatch.. I am glad we pulled through. We had two choices : it was to mourn and cry over not having loved my dad enough, or to move on in life as a family. Thank God, we chose the latter. What i counted lost might be dad, but what i gained, was trust in the whole family.

Most of all, recovery would not have been that smooth without encouragement from everyone around us. Especially my Pastors, pastor how and pastor lia. I still remember the night where it all happen and it was confirmed that dad was gone… Pastor Lia stood right outside the mortuary waiting for me… She hugged me tight and I just started sobbing on her shoulders. That was 2 am in the morning already. Pastor Lia stayed with me, she didnt say much… but i know she just wanted to be with me through this. The next few days was the hardest. Pastors dropped me smses and calls every single day to make sure I was okay. Friends like Joanne and Sam foo stayed with me by my side every night so that I wouldnt feel alone. Gosh… where can i find friends like that?

The greatest thing that happened in my life was that I found Jesus. When I found Him, i received abundant life.. More than that, I found a family. Not just a church.. who stood with me. Family because I found myself two parents… We are not even blood related and we started off as strangers… But they cared for me like I was their own. My family, studies, relationships, past bgrs, finances, dreams, future were their concerns. To the tiny detail of making sure i had money to take cab home worried Pst Lia.

Today, I am glad that I came out of 2009 stronger.. It was not the easiest.. but I am glad things are getting better. My mother used to be objecting me from going to church and becoming a believer… Now, she is going to church every single sunday, read her bible more than me, and sharing about God to her work friends and my relatives.

Most of all, though the physical head of the house hold is no longer around, the Head of the household will always be.. Thank you Jesus for everything. You saved and changed me and my family.

2009 was good, 2010 would be greater… 1000 in 2009… 10,000 in 2020!

Whoever thats reading this now, thank you for everything! You are the best!

For You

He came and punctuated darkness with light

He came that every unforgiven be redeemed

He came and gave reason to every unbelief

He came where now we can say we live

He is he, for he is mighty

He is he, where words come into the living

He is he, so that I am.

My day

"Kissed" my mom today! Did all the housework I can possibly do for her the whole afternoon… Well, I started off vacuuming, dusting, moping, washing the toilets and balcony, cooking dinner, washing clothes and drying them, watered the plants and re-arranged the furnitures! hohoho! It was awesome to see the smile on my mom’s face when we sat down for dinner… Cooked fried rice and carrot soup! (: Mission Kiss Mom accomplised!

Headed down to town to meet zhuoxinyi at 313! Bought some belated xmas presents… hahah cant wait to pass it to the pple on countdown! Dont owe people presents over the new year hahaha

the most exciting event of the day was supper with Dom, Lynette and Jamie! :) We just laughed and laughed all the way… :) Love my leaders ttm! Its more than just the fun.. Somehow.. When you are connected to them… You subconciously feel their faith and passion in life… You subconciously wanna be just like them! Then after, you go home with a great fuzzy excitement on the inside and a wide smile on your face… Like its all worth it! (:

Thats all for the night!


Thank You

And this is my prayer in the battle
And triumph is still on it’s way
I am a conqueror and co-heir with Christ
So firm on His promise I’ll stand

All of my life
In every season
You are still God
I have a reason to sing
I have a reason to worship

Christmas is over. He came and took away what was bad and gave us that which was good. Thank You Jesus for finding me.. Thank You Jesus for saving me… :)

2009 is coming to an end. Indeed it was not the smoothest for me, glad that throughout those times… He was there.

Adam walked with God… Enoch walked with God for 300 years.. Noah walked with God… 2010… I want to continue walking with Him in spirit and in truth. New year, new breakthroughs, new grounds!

Thank you to everyone who have stood with me and my family, thank you Pastor How and Pastor Lia for your love and support, thank you Garrett and Jamie for your words of encouragement and wisdom! :) 6 years has passed… Cant wait to see what God will unfold the next 20,40,60 years to come :)

Indeed, the past 6 years has been amazing… the next 60 years will be even more amazing!

Positive or Negative

Positive or Negative, It’s your choice.

Positive or negative. It’s your choice.

The negative easily hijacks our focus.

It takes no effort at all to be negative.

The human nature veers towards the negative without any help at all.

If you want to grow weeds in your garden, do nothing with the garden.

If you want to grow good plants, that takes effort.

It means removing weeds regularly.

Constant vigilance that keeps our mind and hearts free from the negatives.

Our minds are like soil.

Plant potatoes, reap potatoes.

Plant roses, reap roses.

Be a Do-er!

Be a Do-er!

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